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The Rain Cloud Fairy floats and spins in the heavens above, dreaming of her lifetimes as a river rushing to the ocean, or as droplets splashed up from a puddle by an playful child's boots.


She hangs by a teeny tiny loop of wire fused into her head and a teeny tiny wire hook suspended from the cloud, so the slightest breeze allows her to spin freely from her 1.5 feet of elastic cord.


You can hang her anywhere in your house that the light will play off the mostly-transparent cloud.

It is made of Effetre (aka "soft") glass via the lampworking technique - sculpted from molten glass rods, over an oxy-propane torch. Afterward, it has been annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln, so is fully stabilized and when properly cared for, should last several human lifetimes (much longer than a real raindrop!)

Rain Cloud Fairy

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Aproximate size: 4 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, 1.5 inches deep.
    • Made from Moretti/Effetre glass, with metal hook and 1.5 feet of elastic cord.

    • NOT signed, this piece is much too delicate to sign!

    • All of my sculptures are individually hand-made by me, Wesley Fleming, by melting glass rods over a torch and then properly annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln to remove any stress from the making process.
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