Wesley Fleming

nature-inspired artist

Wesley Fleming brings fantastic realism of the microcosmos to life in glass. An ambassador for smaller denizens of the earth, his passion for nature sparks awe and curiosity in others. Growing up in the countryside, Wesley’s favorite pastime was exploring beneath logs and rocks in the woods or reading science fiction and comic books. Hence the natural world and his own wacky imagination became his muse.

Wesley began working with glass in 2001, learning via apprenticeship and under tutelage of Italian maestros in Venice, Italy. He has focused two decades honing his glassworking skills and captures the essence of actual species of insects and flowers with intricate detail of their tiny antennae or stamen. His work is in numerous publications, exhibited around the United States and in permanent collection of museums including Corning Museum of Glass, Kobe Lampwork Museum, Tacoma Museum of Glass and Racine Art Museum.