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About vetropod

Wesley Fleming , nature-inspired artist

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I spent my days exploring the space beneath logs and rocks or reading science fiction. As a result the shapes and colors of the natural world, as well as my own wacky imagination, are the main sources for my work.


With some of my glass beetles for example, I try to capture and mimic an actual species with intricate detail on the tiny limbs and thorax. While in other pieces, I attempt to bring into being a creature from an inner reality or a dream. In some cases I merge the fantastical with the real through choice of color palette or by referencing familiar images in a mythical work.


Regardless of the end result, I find great joy in sculpting glass - witnessing the transformation of a brittle and cold substance to a molten and pliable material then back to a solid form again.


About The Glass Sculptures

All of my sculptures are individually hand-made over a torch, using glass rods acquired from Venice (Italy) and properly annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln.

Identifying My Work

I have signed all of my work, since about 2007, with a titanium pen - work is signed: "Wes" and dated with the year. The signature is usually located between the front legs of the piece, so for an insect this would be on the underside of its thorax. For birds, it is usually behind, or in front of the legs. For pieces where it is not feasible to sign between the legs, I sign in the least intrusive place possible. For a few pieces which are too small (rarely!), I sign only my name, or a "W". Some pre-2007 work is signed with a stamped impression of my name: "Wes", generally in a less intrusive location on the sculpture.

In case you want to know more...

Some of my other interests include hiking through the mountains and picking up rocks; walking in the woods around my house; pondering the meaning of life; reading science fiction, National Geographic, or news of the world; and last, but certainly not least, spending time with my best friend and wife, Rebecca.

Wesley Fleming @vetropod making glass trout lily wildflowers for his 2020 solo exhibit at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Video made by Chris Famelette of Red Shamrock Productions.

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